About Us


Owner Elizabeth Bryan founded Kadbry IT.TECH Computer Sales & Repair in 2015 after she discovered many people are looking for something better when it comes to computer repair and service. Her goals were clear: create a great customer experience, and build relationships with our customers which allow us to offer creative and customized solutions to meet their particular needs. Continuous improvement, communication, honesty, and respect are essential to accomplish this.

Our unique on-site service is proof that customers love the convenience of having a technician come right to their home or business to service their computer. Offering this service at a minimal charge within our service area of Molynes Road, Kingston 20& us the provider of choice for all your computer needs.

Kadbry IT.TECH Computer Sales & Repair focuses on providing a high level of customer service and fast turnaround times.

With just the click of a button and you purchase any of our items

We have access to all the major brands of desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks, tablets, etc. Our goal is to find you the latest models that will suit your needs based upon your requirements for use and style/look. We also carry all the other accessories associated with computer technology including: monitors, external hard drives, printers and multi-functions, WIFI routers, UPS battery back-ups, speakers and other peripherals.



Intrinsicly disseminate market positioning.

Prompt On-Site Service

We will visit your home or office where we will be there to help

Laptop or desktop repair & upgrades

We provide system repair and upgrade for all make and model

Computer Cleaning & Tune-Up

Enthusiastically aggregate cutting-edge sources rather than plug-and-play metrics.

Customer Support

We offer excellent services and customer support by listening to your needs

Virus Removal

We will scan and clean your system of all trace of virus, malware and spyware from you PC

Wireless Networking

We will setup your wireless network for rather it be home or small business

Brand Name & Custome Built Computer Sales

Can’t find your ideal computer to satisfy your need? No need to worry we will build it for you.

Free Delivery & 1-Hour Session For Setup

We don’t just deliver your new computer we set it up free of cost. Conditions apply.

File Transfer For Any New Computer Purchase

If you need us to transfer data from your old computer to your new one; we will do so for you.


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  • User friendly solutions
  • 100% responsive and ready to assist as we can
  • Great quality work and support
  • Well Organized and Great Documentations



Some of the brands we carry

  • HP - Kadbry Tech Support